Line-X Pumping Station Case Study

The Situation

Due to urban sprawl more and more communities and engineers are taking additional steps to protect and extend the service life of new and existing waste water structures.

A municipality in one such area controls a pumping station that has been degrading slowly over time. The walls of these stations are particularly susceptible to the corrosive environment and will easily deteriorate without protection.

As infiltration and the effect of corrosive gases are the two primary causes of deterioration in a collection system, the addition of a corrosion barrier to a new structure will not only ensure a longer service life to the system, it will make the rough concrete surface easier to clean.

The Solution

The municipality needed a coatings solution that could prevent corrosion and effectively extend the crucial components, parts and overall service life of the pumping station with limited service interruption.

To minimize the downtime of the pumping station, Line-X was chosen because of its extremely fast drying times. By choosing Line-X the time to return to service was 5-7 days faster than the other coatings systems considered for the project. The speed of return to service was extremely important as the station is an integral part of the removal of rain and sewage water.

The Results

The pumping station was back online with minimal downtime. Again, Line-X was chosen because of its fast cure time. By choosing Line-X the municipality was able to return the station to service was much faster than the other coatings systems considered for the project.

Customer comments:

“Line-X delivers VERY fast shutdown times, and this job needed that! A heavy rainfall would make it necessary for us to put water back in the pumping station.”

Line-X Cargo and Utility Trailer Case Study

The Situation

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the lead Federal agency for coordinating the response for natural disasters that overwhelm the resources of local and state authorities.

The U.S. Army is typically the lead agency for the Department of Defense in support of FEMA. Both organizations are set up to be mobile and arrive in the field to set up remote offices.

These offices are often set up in portable cargo trailers. They can be used to transport communications equipment, medical supplies and other aid. While a wide variety of configurations and materials are used in the construction of these trailers, in time the wooden or metal interior may weaken due to water damage or corrosion.

Recently, the U.S. Army approached a Line-X Franchise looking to repair a leaking mobile command trailer and improve the long term preservation of the interior.

The Solution

For this application, Line-X utilized it’s nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material to protect the roof and interior of the structure from water, moisture and abrasion. This material provides the same durability, toughness and elasticity that made Line-X a household name.

To ensure a successful application, proper preparation is essential. The areas to be sprayed are cleaned and sanded to remove debris and contaminates, and any cracks or holes are filled or repaired.

The Results

The application dramatically reduced maintenance and repair costs – both to the structure and equipment inside. With a permanently bonded, water-tight barrier the structure will enjoy numerous years of maintenance-free operation and out-of-pocket savings.

The Line-X application provides durable, long-lasting protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion. The added Line-X texture also keeps cargo from shifting in transit, and resists impact to prevent dents and dings to the container when loading and unloading.

As a result of the Line-X application, the trailer is easier to keep clean and maintain in the field creating a durable and professional appearance.

Whether it’s a cargo trailer used for military, commercial or personal hauling, Line-X can protect it.

Line-X Vault Toilets Case Study

The Situation

Vault toilet systems in National Parks are severely abused by outdoor elements. The vault toilets in Joshua Tree National Park in California were particularly susceptible to damage caused by extreme temperatures, UV exposure and sand storms. They are also put to the test by the campers who set fires on the floors and defaced the walls and ceiling.

The park/campground staff are responsible for keeping the facilities clean and aesthetically appealing for the public. Some of the vaults that have fire or other damage need to be repainted on a daily basis. This becomes very costly in materials and labor for the National Park service.

The National Park service required a solution for the constant maintenance and cost issues surrounding the vault toilet systems.

The Solution

Working directly with the National Park Facility Operations/Project Manager, Line-X offered a solution to protect the facilities extending the life of the vault toilet systems while providing an aesthetically pleasing finished product. The solution is cost effective as it minimizes maintenance and material costs.

To apply the Line-X coating, the concrete vault floor was stripped of the existing epoxy coating and sanded to achieve the proper etch profile. The walls and ceiling were tested to verify proper adhesion and prepped for spraying.

A dark grey pigment was chosen for the floor and applied to a thickness of 80 mils. A fire-rated topcoat was added for additional surface protection.

The application process took approximately 8 hours. The vault was back in full operation within 24 hours of completion.

The Results

The management and maintenance staff at the National Park were very impressed with the protective coatings solution provided by Line-X. Fire damage and other issues were eliminated.

The protected facilities are easy to clean and maintain. Line-X Protective Coatings offer the vault toilet systems a longer life span saving the park service money in maintenance and replacement costs.

Line-X Marine Vessels Case Study

The Situation

Marine vessels and pleasure craft are constantly battling wet and slippery floors, stains and rot. Routine maintenance, re-painting, and resurfacing are often required to keep ahead of those problems. Customers in the boating market demand quality and safety for their investments.

The Solution

Line-X coatings are applied to create a single, impenetrable barrier to shield against nature’s harshest elements, such as high humidity, salt water or extreme temperature changes.

Because Line-X forms permanent bonds at the molecular level, they have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces including wood and fiberglass. Line-X can absorb impact and resist damage by remaining both flexible and strong without losing adhesion.

When applied over a properly prepared substrate, a Line-X coating will eliminate soiling and slipping issues, stale water odors, as well as provide chemical resistance and UV protection from fading or discoloration.

The Results

With limited down time and reduced future maintenance costs, an eye pleasing, seamless, water tight coating is set in place. Line-X provides an easy to clean surface which does not trap contaminates or water. With Line-X, boats are protected against weathering and abuse.

LINE-X Benefits:

  • Aesthetics – no fading or discoloration
  • Water tight
  • Worry-free, low maintenance
  • Slip-resistance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Prevent leaks, rust, corrosion

Line-X Utility Body Case Study

The Situation

Utility trucks are used by contractors and commercial personnel to help complete some of the most demanding work. These trucks must be able to transport heavy and often bulky equipment to and from the job site in a safe and secured manner. Without the use of these trucks many contractors and commercial personnel would not be able to complete their jobs.

A local contractor came to Line-X in need of a solution for the rust corrosion on his utility bodies. The factory paint protecting these vehicles was quickly wearing away, allowing severe rust to corrode the bed and tops of the cabinets. Fine particulates in the air compounded the issue. In the past they had tried a variety of coating solutions including slip-resistant adhesives and other do-it-yourself coatings. None of these effectively held up to the demands of working around these harsh environments.

The Solution

Line-X used its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material  to solve the rust corrosion issue. Line-X gave the coating a heavy texture to provide workers with a superior slip resistant coating in both dry and wet conditions. Line-X is an extremely versatile coating which can be applied to various surfaces. These qualities make it ideal for use around any type of utility truck body configuration.

Line-X begins the application process by preparing the utility truck body surface. Improper surface preparation will lead to a coating failure. Therefore, special attention is paid to the initial prep of areas to be sprayed. This begins with aggregate blasting of these areas to remove all previous coatings and rust corrosion. Once finished, the clean metal is primed with Line-X Primer. All surfaces of the utility body are covered with for maximum protection.

The delivery company loves the results of this Line-X application. Now their delivery truck loading ramps are safer for all workers, provide extra grip in inclement weather and are better protected from abrasion, corrosion and over-use.

The company also benefits from the durable and professional appearance of the ramp. The Line-X application helps improve their reputation on the road conveying an image of reliability, quality and customer service. Their customers also appreciate the care and attention taken to keep employees and packages safe.

The Result

The contractor was thrilled with the Line-X application. He liked the look of the coating and its ability to repair the damage caused by corrosion. Line-X not only solved his rust corrosion problem but created an impact resistant finish for better protection from abrasion, corrosion and heavy use. A Premium top-coat could be added for UV protection.

The customer also appreciated the professional surface preparation done by the Line-X applicator. The previous efforts of applying a do-it-yourself product failed because of poor surface preparation and coating materials.

The heavy texture of the Line-X application provides slip-resistance and extra grip to the foot holds and work areas of the utility body. This gives workers a safer and more durable truck to use at even the most demanding job sites.

Line-X Loading Ramp Case Study

The Situation

For delivery companies, safety is always a concern. One particular area of concern is the safety and stability of the metal ramps used to move heavy items in and out of delivery trucks or trailers.

In cold and wet weather conditions these ramps become slippery and potentially dangerous. An icy ramp can be a liability for both personnel injury and damage to transported goods. One trucking company tried a variety of coating solutions including slip-resistant adhesives, slip-resistant paint and other do-it-yourself coatings before trying Line-X.

None of these do-it-yourself products could meet the demands of a high-use commercial truck making more than 100 deliveries a day. The company came to Line-X in need of a long lasting, durable solution that would provide excellent traction in slippery conditions.

The Solution

Line-X was able to provide a tough and elastic coating solution by using its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material. The combination of Line-X with Aluminum Oxide grit created a superior and long lasting slip-resistant surface.

The customer delivered the ramps to the LINE-X applicator to have a slip-resistant surface applied. The LINE-X applicator sandblasted the ramps, discharged all contaminates and primed the loading ramps with Line-X Primer.

An initial thick layer of Line-X was applied. Then the walking surface was covered in Aluminum Oxide grit for maximum texture and a slip-resistant finish. A final coat of Line-X was applied to complete the application.

The Results

The delivery company loves the results of this Line-X application. Now their delivery truck loading ramps are safer for all workers, provide extra grip in inclement weather and are better protected from abrasion, corrosion and over-use.

The company also benefits from the durable and professional appearance of the ramp. The Line-X application helps improve their reputation on the road conveying an image of reliability, quality and customer service. Their customers also appreciate the care and attention taken to keep employees and packages safe.


Line-X Garbage Truck Cab Roof Case Study

The Situation

Garbage sludge is particularly corrosive and can rapidly deteriorate any metal surface that is exposed to it. Front loading garbage trucks are particularly at risk for corrosive damage since the cab roof and splash guards common to these vehicles are only protected with a thin layer of paint. Repairing and repainting these surfaces causes unwanted downtime and added maintenance costs. Deep corrosion often means removing and replacing the entire cab roof.

Waste disposal companies looking for a long-term solution to the corrosion problem have utilized Line-X® to protect the cab roof and splash guard. Line-X® Xtra technology allows the coating to be color-coded to the company colors or vehicle’s

The Procedure

The garbage trucks are brought to the local LINE-X store if the bay doors and booth are 14’. The splash guard must be removed and sandblasted to a SP-5 finish (white metal blast cleaning). It is then primed with SF-515 primer and sprayed with colored XS-100. Color-coded Line-X Xtra is applied last for added protection.

The cab is prepared using similar methods as a truck bed, followed by XS-100 and Line-X Xtra.

Both surfaces are sprayed to a minimum of 60 mils. One garbage truck requires approximately 24 hours to complete.

The Solution

Line-X XS-100 is used to protect the cab and splash guard against the corrosive nature of the garbage sludge. LINE-X Xtra is also used to protect the coating from UV rays and enhance durability and gloss retention.

The Results

Garbage trucks protected with Line-X have decreased downtime and maintenance costs saving the owner time, frustration and money. Additionally, Line-X Xtra keeps the coating attractive much longer. Line-X protection is the cost effective way to keep waste truck assets running and looking their best.

Line-X Rock Chip Spray Case Study

The Situation

Truck beds aren’t the only parts of personal vehicles that take a beating. The grill, hood and rocker panels of vehicles are vulnerable to chips by rocks and other road debris, even during normal driving conditions. These chips diminish the appearance of the vehicle while leaving it susceptible to rust. Car “bras” are useful for protecting the grill and hood of a vehicle from damage but they are often unsightly and become damaged over time. LINE-X can be applied to the front grill, hood and rocker panels for a permanent accessory that protects the vehicle from chipping and rust damage while enhancing the appearance.

The Procedure

After consulting with the owner of the vehicle, the LINE-X® store determined the customer’s preferences with regard to the shape and pattern of the terminating edges of the LINE-X coating. It is recommended to use an erasable marker to draw mock lines on the vehicle and get the customer’s approval before the application. Since the vehicle had OEM paint, the surface was prepped using the same methods as a truck bed: clean, etch with sandpaper, blow and wipe clean. The substrate was then sprayed with colored LINE-X XS-100. Color matched LINE-X® XTRA was applied last to add strength and UV protection as well as maintain a glossy luster.

The Soultion

LINE-X XS-100 can be color-matched the vehicle’s paint. Follow with LINE-X XTRA to add durability and UV stability to the application.

The Results

LINE-X XS-100 and LINE-X XTRA provided a solution to protect the hood, grill and rocker panels for any vehicle from rock chips and other abrasion while enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.


Full Line-X Truck Wrap Case Study

The Situation

Sometimes a truck owner wants to have some fun with vehicle protection. You can customize your truck with dozens of aftermarket accessories, step bars, grille guards, wheels, but nothing has the staying power of a full LINE-X wrap.

Over time, wear from gravel roads, sun exposure, scratches and dents can cause a vehicle’s paint finish to deteriorate. This produces a dull, aged look, and can lead to rusting if left untreated.

To prevent rust for good, a fully coated LINE-X truck creates an impenetrable barrier that will protect your truck from small scratches to serious abrasion.

The Solution

Your local LINE-X professional can protect your entire vehicle with a seamless, durable LINE-X full vehicle wrap. Available in black or any color of your choice, a full vehicle wrap provides a great-looking custom finish. LINE-X will stand up to the abuse of the road, while providing abrasion and impact resistance.

LINE-X uses its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material, LINE-X XS-100, to coat the entire vehicle. Before any product is applied, the truck is carefully prepped. Any pre-existing corrosion is thoroughly removed, the entire truck is cleaned, and any accessories are securely protected or removed as necessary.

A UV stable coat of LINE-X PREMIUM can provide a durable UV resistant coating that minimizes fading and sun damage.

The Results

Your vehicle will look great and be permanently protected from wear and tear on the road. With a UV stable PREMIUM coating, LINE-X will provide your vehicle with SERIOUS PROTECTION and KILLER LOOKS for a lifetime.

A LINE-X full vehicle wrap means having the boldest look on the block, a look that your neighbor will be unable to match.

So whether you’re looking for total road protection or curb appeal, a full LINE-X wrap can turn your truck into a serious head-turning machine.

Line-X Truck Tool Box Case Study

The Situation

If your job requires you to transport tools back and forth from the jobsite, a durable toolbox is what you need. Truck toolboxes provide a convenient solution for those loose tools clattering around in the floor of your truck. Tool boxes are available in a number of different designs and finishes that allow for versatility and high functionality.

Depending on use, a tool box can take a lot of punishment from tools and equipment, as well as cargo in the truck bed. Tool boxes are exposed to the elements all year long. They must be able to stand up to searing heat, bone-numbing cold, pounding rains and heavy snow – truck boxes see the worst Mother Nature has to offer.

Tool boxes should last. That’s why LINE-X is the perfect solution for your truck.

The Solution

The truck box was coated with LINE-X’s nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material providing the same toughness and durability for which LINE-X is known.

Crafted from tough polymers designed exclusively for the automotive industry, LINE-X permanently bonds to the contours of the tool box, offering complete coverage that seals out damaging moisture. With the highest tensile strength in the industry, it resists tears, rips and overall wear and has been shown to be immune to chemicals, including gasoline, diesel and many household solvents.

And those aren’t the only benefits of having a LINE-X coated tool box. The polymer coating greatly reduces road noise and all but eliminates associated rattles for a quieter ride. Its textured surface also helps grip cargo, keeping the tool box’s contents from shifting or sliding, and resists impact to prevent dents and dings to the sides and floor.

The Results

Customers with aluminum tool boxes love the added protection that a LINE-X coating offers. Instead of unsightly dents and scratches, LINE-X coated toolboxes appear solid and unspoiled.

At LINE-X, nothing is off limits.

LINE-X permanently bonds to your truck bed tool box, grille guards, bumpers or rocker panels offering complete coverage that protects every corner, curve and crevice.