Line-X Water Slides Case Study

The Situation

Amusement Park Water Slides Case Study images

The fiberglass water slide at an amusement park was having problems with water leaking from the launch pad onto the wooden structure and staircase causing unsightly mold and mildew growth. Moreover, it also created an uncomfortable experience for waiting customers as water dripped on their heads while they waited in line underneath the structure.

Overtime, leaking water can cause irreversible damage to the wooden structure of the slide thus making it unsafe and unfit for use.

The Solution

Line-X developed the coating to meet the need for waterproofing applications while providing the same toughness that exemplifies the Line-X brand.

Applying Line-X forms a single waterproof barrier is a unique formulation designed to penetrate and seal small cracks that could allow water to seep past lesser materials.

Line-X is applied using a high pressure system that forms a seamless waterproof barrier literally filling pores and cracks on the surface. Additionally, is highly elastic allowing it to move with the expansion and contraction of outdoor substrates.

Once waterproofing is complete, a UV resistant topcoat is added to protect the application from sun damage.

The Results

Line-X takes pride in developing specialized protective coatings to meet virtually any demand. Line-X is a versatile coating that is engineered to meet the necessary characteristics of an effective waterproofing solution while providing durability and potentially increasing the lifespan of the substrate.

Park management was very impressed with the results. They have protected their structure from further water and UV damage and created a safer environment for patrons.