About Truck-FX

Line-X Graphic XFor more than a decade, Truck-FX has been on the cutting edge of the Truck and Jeep industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. Our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality accessories available anywhere in Orlando. We are an up-fit company making custom designs and installing products for thousands of different vehicles. Quite simply, Truck-FX is a full service company for aftermarket parts and accessories.

Ford Red Bedliner What’s the advantage? At Truck-FX, our parts are ordered specifically and designed to fit your vehicle Year/Make/Model. Over 90% of our inventory is readily available at our warehouses. Building a vehicle up with parts from many different manufactures often results in conflicts. This is never a problem at Truck-FX, because we work with a variety of vendors. Whether you are looking for your first accessory or interested in a full vehicle makeover, we’re confident that you will know you made the right long term decision.

We pride ourselves on accessories that exceed in off-road and overland situations, while never compromising on road handling, comfort or safety. We take original equipment design, engineering and manufacturing to aftermarket design. You might expect this level of professional design, engineering and manufacturing to result in a premium price and you would be right. At Truck-FX we are never going to compete with mass online market on price, and that is okay. There are plenty of low cost options out there. Truck-FX customers recognize that the quality, function, and longevity of our products provide superior value. Many of our customers have already tried the lower end brands and now realize that they would rather build their vehicle once and enjoy using it rather than working on it every weekend, fixing or replacing parts.

Truck-FX was founded by Roger O’Rear, an artist at heart, who can find a canvas on anything and he leads his committed team to helping you discover the best solutions that make sense. We put our hearts into what we do because we believe in the final product, and we think you will too.